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The Healing Power of Dolphins Experiences

I am involved with research that asks the question: Do voluntary Dolphin-Human Interactions enhance Emotional Wellbeing in Humans and an Ecological Intelligence that protects the Dolphins and other Marine Life. In this regard certain Healing Power of Dolphin experiences are geared towards supporting certain groups of people:

    • Those dealing with the life-changing event of Divorce
    • Those dealing with Depression and a sense of Inner Emptiness
    • Those dealing with Differences – Playfully Pregnant
    • Those dealing with Cognitive Challenges
    • Those having lost a limb through the procedure of Amputation and are experienceing Phantom Pain
    • For those dealing with cancer

You are very welcome to enjoy a Healing Power of Dolphin experience even if you do not feel any of these life situations detailed above apply to you, this is just something awesome on your ‘bucket list’ – understandably so! The next set dates to participate in a fun-filled Dolphin-Human Interaction Encounter are in February 2015, however if you would like to enjoy a Healing Power of Dolphins Experience before Mid-November 2014 make contact with me and let’s see what can be arranged.

If you would like to plan ahead, future dates are:

  •  5-8 February, 2015. To participate in these Swim with Dolphins Dream Trip you can do so at very favourable prices by becoming a part of an amazing Travel Club see this link for more details: www.naturecalls.worldventures.biz/ysbh

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On the most recent Healing Power of Dolphin Experience, this is the Dolphin-Human Interaction that took place. The dolphins were very relaxed and we had an inspirational time together that left us buzzing and full of joy and appreciation:

Two mothers and their daughters had a great bonding time with their daughters, whist swimming with wild dolphins. They were joined by an couragious survivor and marathon runner. This is what they had to say with the Healing Power of Dolphins Experience that they participated in:

Mondi is a great musician and songwriter with a unique voice. This is the song she wrote after a dolphin encounter. The wordwere formulated during one of our group discussions after this encounter.