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Peace-of-Eden WildLife EcoTours & Team Building 2011

Happy New Year – hope 2011 is full of adventure & smiles most of the time and comfort when times are tough. I am excited to let you know about the WildLife EcoTours & Corporate WildLife Team Building Adventures in 2011. Get your diaries out and start planning!

Peace-of-Eden WildLife  EcoTours & Team Building 2011 Additional good news is that I have become a part of the EcoGuide team as the Regional Publisher for the Southern African edition. Consequently you have the opportunity to advertize in the fastest growing international Ecotourism magazine in the world! Advertizing in this magazine offers you Overseas exposure to over 100,000 travellers planning their next trip…to your Ecodestination…or to participate on your Ecotour?¬† Read more…

I know sometimes the costs of these trips seem too expensive, but I selectively chose special choosen accommodation venues, wilderness spaces, endangered animals and tribes. I work with researchers and guides who are ethical, knowlegable and care and respect the animals they bring us into close contact with. I cannot organize these experiences and offer you my expertise without charging something. But most importantly you are worth investing in yourself in this way. Follow your heart. Go for it.

 Looking forward to seeing you soon on one of these uniquely reflective, inspiring and adventorous experiences.

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