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Swimming with a wild, free-roaming dolphin is an experience beyond description.

Tribal people who live close to nature, like the aborigines may have an animal totem they are given at their birth that they identify with for life, but they do not usually have a name for life, instead they chose a name that describes who they are at the time and it changes if their life situation, their role in the group or something changes that engenders a new identity. I tried to do the same and called myself ‘wildtree’ because I was a little ‘wild’ and I was researching and observing wild dogs. ‘Tree’ because I wanted to be rooted and to bear fruit and provide shade for those who came to rest under my branches. Since then I have been ‘ButterflyBird’ when going through times of transformation, etc.. On WildLife EcoTours participants often choose a name that describes who they are or who they would like to be. It is amazing that by doing so all the normal things that identify us falls away – wealth, colour, academic or sporting status, thin or fat etc. and we begin to see ourselves and each other for who we really are. Being a team becomes a lot more flowing. Some of the guest comments below are written by participants who have signed off with their aborigine name.

Sandy was a lovely pregnant lady who wanted to swim with dolphins

Sandy’s dream was to swim with the dolphins while she was pregnant

The group of people who have commented below on their Dancing with Dolphins experience were 2 pregnant ladies, their partners and a friend. The pregnant mothers had a unique experience in April 2007. Their new born children are still friends even though they live many miles apart and only see each other occasionaly.

It’s been a beautiful few days of arriving, connecting, unfolding – non-resistance, flowing – into our new beginnings.

Thank you so much for your gentle, sensitive facilitation. It’s such a blessing when different journeys meet – as particles collide, in this case at a particularly luxurious resting place. This place has been a safe haven, as has the space we have shared, as we pause to view the sun setting on the past and turn to look towards the sun rising on the magnificent future.

And this ever present moment is starlit and calm like the underwater haven of dolphin life. The difficulties we face are not obstacles, they are rungs on the endless ladder of light that we climb. It is awesome to do a little climbing together, sharing our loads and lighting each other’s paths.

Thanks again for reminding us that we can facilitate this kind of processing collectively – we are all 1 – at the end of the day. And special thanks to the dolphins for their skilful & intuitive facilitation, guiding each of us on our journeys to discovery in more ways than one can imagine – in the safety of unconditional love, infinite compassion and divine wisdom.

It’s been a treat – may it continue to be so!

Whale Song (Architect)


Our time here has been an amazing time of self-inquiry, reflection, frivolous laughter, tears & a deepening of connection  to our essential selves, friends & the deep wisdom of nature & the dolphins. We are midway through our dolphin encounter and it feels like the beginning of an exciting new journey. Heart feeling tender and open from the dolphins & our sessions together. It feels that what has taken place will continue.

Thanks Mandy for your gentle yes solid & stabilizing presence throughout. & for enabling us to meet with these incredible beings – the dolphins, reconnecting us to love, joyous spontaneity & play.

Infinite Light Spiral


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