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Dolphin Victories – let’s celebrate!

A Victory for Dolphins and Whales within the Ponta Partial Marine Reserve Mozambique.

23 November 2011

Angie Gullan

The long awaited management plan for the Reserve was approved and presented to operators on the 23rd November. DolphinCare is overjoyed to say that finally, with immediate effect, the southern most reaches of Mozambique now has regulations that protect these intelligent beings.


Dolphins swim free and protected

The use of jetskis are limited ONLY to those for fishing and all vessels are to stay 300mt from all marine mammals and whales sharks.

The amount of operators swimming and visiting the dolphins is being reduced to two for Ponta do Ouro and one for Malongane and Mamoli, with only one boat per operator. These few things alone will make it a far safer and less stressful environment for our friends.

Coupled with this was the confirmation that the area is still on the UNESCO nomination list for world heritage site status which is a huge environmental WIN that, when awarded will contradict the proposed Techobanine Port development.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks and acknowledgment to the government of Mozambique, the Ponta Partial Marine Reserve and everyone else involved in making this happen. We know the dolphins will be very thankful.

For the Love of Dolphins!

The Dolphin Team.

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