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Dolphin Research

Do Voluntary Interspecies Interactions between Humans and Freeswimming, Wild Bottlenosed Dolphins Enhance Emotional Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence in Humans so that they become more Ecologically Intelligent and Conserve the Cetaceans they have spent time with?

We would like to Interact with you when Mandy does her Research

The Dolphin Research is taking place in 3 areas in the world:

1.  Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth, South Africa:

My practical supervisor is Stephanie Plon who is linked with Bay World and the Nelson Mandela University and has personally carried out and supervised students doing Cetacean research in the area. We are not allowed to swim with dolphins in South African waters so we do pre-observation and post-observation surveys of tourists’ experiences whilst participating in a sea-viewing adventure with Raggy Charters. Lloyd. Edwards is the manager, skipper and founder of Raggy Charters.

The first survey was conducted with 19 willing professors in the Building and Survey Department of the local University. Their participation was appreciated as they were on a Departmental Christmas jaunt.

The first survey results after we had seen humpback dolphins and a humpback whale leaping exuberantly out of the water next to his mother, together with several seabird species was that everyone except one person felt that their lives had been changed and they would like to protect the whales and dolphins in this Bay.

2. The Archipelago of Tuscany Islands in Italy

Here my supervisor is the highly esteemed and published Professor Wurtz who is head of the Marine Biology Department of the Genova University. Read his CV.

Menkab Activities (Video)

I will be working together with fellow students from Italy, Saldinia and Iran who have formed a Marine Protection Unit called Menkab. In Italy it is not prohibited to swim with dolphins, but no-one does so, they are not used to interacting with people as there is so much shippping activity in the Mediterranean seas. I will be working together with the Menkab protaginists looking at Educating participating Tourists about the Whales and Dolphins in these seas.

A special EcoTour or Corporate Connecting experience can be arranged around these activities so that you not only have the unique experience of seeing the Whales and Dolphins in Mediterranean waters, but you are informed by those who know them well, and in addition contribute towards ongoing research and ethical ecotourism. Read here about the Romantic Trails & Dolphin Tails EcoTours and Corporate Connecting Adventures. These adventures take place not only in the Archipelago of Tuscany Islands but in the Marine Protected area of Cinque Terre. Days spent dolphin and whale spotting are alternated with walking the romantic trails the link the five fishing villages of Cinque Terre.

3. Ponto D’Ouro, Mozambique

Practical Supervisor is Angie Gullan of Dolphin Encounters. She has researched the dolphins in this area for 16 years and has been the protaginist to get this area classified as a Marine Protection Area.

Here participants will be swimming with the dolphins and can voluntarily engage with self-reflective post-dolphn swim group discussions.

My overall behavioral supervisor, Toni Frohoff is a well-published dolphin researcher who has 20 years of experience observing dolphins in their natural habitat. Read her CV

Please let me know if you would like to be a participant in this research in Italy, South Africa or Mozambiqu or whether you would like to investing in the following dolphin research expenses:

  1. Ongoing tuition with Toni Frohoff
  2. A camera to support identification of the whales and dolphins for scientific research in Algoa Bay
  3. Travel expenses
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