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My top seven Values

Sometimes it is fun to think about what values we want to determine how we live and how we understand them. I have listed my top seven values and how I understand them, I would value your comment and let me know what you your top lifestyle values are.


Acceptance doens not mean anything goes, but it means putting understanding before judgement.


Acceptance frees people to believe in themselves and find their own creativity.


Boldness combines genius, creativity and courage.

Boldness is an expression of courage when you are feeling inadequate and overwhelmed


Compassion is an expression of caring, understanding, forgiveness and tolerance

Compassion motivates passion


Faith is essential to starting a relationship with a God we cannot see, feel, touch, smell or hear with our natural senses.

Faith achieves the miraculous and the impossible, it is the way inwhich our love for God and for ourselves combines in

unison to result in synchrnoicity


Integrity is a way of thinking that accepts and respects, but not necessarily agrees with, different perspectives.

Integrity does not descriminate.

Integrity involves openess and honesty, not only with other, but first of all with yourself and God


You can only be mindful of others if you have had an in-touch parent who had the capacity to reflect back to you, like

holding up a personal mirror – just who you. A parent who is able to relate to you in this way and help you find your

unique identity because they are filled up inside, there is no a gaping hole in their hearts that absorbs your soul, your

essence, so that you have to be the jewel they wear in the crown on their heads so that to others they appear worthwhile.

Mindfulness makes a person exist and feel visible with diverse colours and nuances.

Mindlfulness makes you feel like someone

knows you.

Mindfulness is the most beautiful way of loving.


God is Wisdom and Light

Wisdom comes with maturity and life experience

Wisdom is possible when you balance a connected self-knowing and a connected God-knowing that is not just academic but applicable in an ever changing world.

Wisdom is deep and wide, it walks through history acquiring handed-down knowledge like old, wrinkled grey elephants traversing time. Wisdom embraces community as the cornerstone of a healthy society.



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