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A Healing Time…

This story is taken from a chapter called ‘Slipstream’ written by Brenda Peterson and featured in the book she co-edits with Tony Frohoff called BETWEEN SPECIES. Sierra Club Books, 2003.

Laura went to swim with the dolphins not seeking some miracle cure or healing, but simply to float without the pressure and pain of gravity…her wishes to interact with a dolphin are countered by not wanting to intrude. She swims on the outside of their circle, like she does when interacting with her own kind – she often feeling different and isolated from others because of her pain….

She floats hesitantly from the delighted splash and play of those of us in the middle of the lagoon, surrounded by curious dolphins…suddenly I (Brenda) glance over at Laura, who is clinging to the fencing as if out of breath. Is she in trouble? Is it a cramp from within her pain-wracked body? I turn on my belly and begin to swim over to her…but I am not the first to arrive….she is surrounded by six carefully circling dolphins.

All of a sudden their sonar echolaction is very loud as they bounce their sonar off her body and listen to what viabrations come back. This is how dolphins ‘see the world’, with ultrasound – most of it at a higher frequency than human hearing …Ultrasound, which humans have used to image a fetus or to shatter and dissolve a kidney stone or break up a heart clot, is being studied as ‘vibrational medicine’. Human ultrasound is also being used to narrow blood vessels to help some patients avoid bypass surgery by relaxing artery walls and softening fatty deposits. Medical science is discovering that ultrasound is a less invasive alternative for treating cataracts and certain kinds of tumours…

And some recent evidence indicates that ultrasound frequencies in the region of 2,000Hz, high above human hearing, have a calming and pleasurable effect on human brain waves, possibly by triggering the release of endorphins….

I (Brenda) over the years have come to believe that it is not so much that the dolphins use ultrasound to heal themselves or us; it is simply a viabrational ressonance so sophisticated and strong that it works like a tuning fork…our proximity to dolphins or their echolocation and vocalization might simply encourage our bodies to resonate with a higher frequency, thus bringing our brain waves into the same Delta or Theta brain waves as the dolphins…akin to a meditative or dreaming state…Our immune systems may be triggered by the dolphin sonar, which supports our natural healing…

I keep a respectful distance from Laura and the dolphins swimming in ever closer circles around her so that she is held in the exact eye contact of their whirlpool. Even underwater I can hear her small murmurs of suprise as suddenly all the dolphins leap above her head – all except one. I struggle to see which dolphin is now performing a pirouette to come belly to belly with Laura in a behavior I have never witnessed. Vertical, alongside Laura, the dolphin opens pectoral fins and tenderly takes my friend in an interspecies embrace. Laura gasps in tiny bubbles leaving her lips. Dreamer clsps Laura to her long, silver body. In a slow motion, dolphin and women twirl together through the water. Dreamer always careful to keep Laura’s snorkel above water so she can breathe – which she does now steadily and clamly as if Dreamer is sharing oxygen with her human body, which had for too long been suffocating. What Dreamer shares in that embrace I will never know. I can only theorize…

Laura swears it was not healing as much as it was animal kindness. ‘My pain did not disappear’ she said afterwards, ‘but when that dolphin held me and carried me through the water, I felt whole and a sense of well-being…I felt what it was like to be well again, because I was with such a well being….The dolphin did not heal me, I have to do that myself, but the dolphins left me with a feeling that anything is possible – even that one day I might be without pain.

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