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Swim with wild Dolphins – Real and Virtual Experience


Swimming with wild Dolphins – 5-8 February, 2015

Dolphin Dreamtime – Pathway to Serenity

(a Virtual Dolphin Experience from the Comfort & Privacy of your own Home)

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The countdown to Christmas was a beautiful promise of New Life…celebrating the birth of Christ as a baby, who divided history in two and changed the orientation of my life many wonderful years ago when He came into my life at the age of 13 years and over time has been my Heroe, my Comforter, Challenger and Inspiration…but it was also an exciting time waiting for the birth of my third grandchild – Siyoli (joy) Shalom (peace) Adams (of the earth).


Wishing you a Restive, Festive New Years Day tomorrow and some great Dolphin Dream Trips & Gifts in the weeks and months ahead:

A Swim with Wild Dolphins Dream Trip from 5-8 February, 2015, is offered at least 33% less than ever before – $419 compared to $698, but you need to Book by becoming a member of a Travel Club that have everything covered when it comes to 4 and 5 star travel at 2 and 3 star prices – take a look (if you receive a warning not to proceed while trying to take a look at this site –  ignore, your computer will not blow up, you are just taking a look at my access to this site with YOUR computer and sometimes there is an ip address conflict…completely safe to proceed).

An amazing Gift – a Virtual Dolphin Experience that has had a great De-stressing and Healing Impact on those who have enjoyed the experience in the Comfort & Privacy of their own chosen place of Retreat and Relaxation.
Wishing you Warmth, Fun Family Times, Rest & Excitement,


Mandy Young


I am excited to announce that the Swimming with Wild Dolphins Dream Trip has been launched! This life-changing Human-Dolphin Interaction experience will be take place in Mozambique from 5th-8th February, 2015 . The only was to participate at these amazing prices is if you become a Dream Trip Gold or Platinum member which will mean a huge reduction in the normal price. This unique, bucket-list experience includes the following: 



  • 4 day / 3 night Accommodation at Wave Lodge, where you can hear the sea lapping, in a shared 2 bedroom self-catering unit. The main bedroom features a double bed and a second bedroom with two single beds. Bathroom plus shower, fully equipped kitchen, Lounge area with Dstv and sleeper couch, Both bedrooms are air-conditioned. Units are fully serviced on a daily basis excluding private laundry. 
  • Amazing meals of Prawns and Portuguese chicken
  • Daily Dolphin Swims – the highlight
  • Specialized self-reflection group discussions facilitated by Ecopsychologist, Mandy Young, so that you can translate your daily Dolphin Encounters into take-home, life-changing Personal and Professional Insights.
  • Daily Other Beach & Sea Activities like Deep Sea Diving, Snorkeling, Wind Surfing etc. (at additional costs)

  • Platinum members will receive a bag of goodies as follows:
  • Local Mozambican Rum valued at $8
  • Cashews and Coconuts valued at $6,5
  • A local Kapulana (cotton sarond) valued at $10
  • Images and footage of your encounters with dolphins available before your departure valued at $50
  • ed at $50.

I am not sure if you also suffer from F.O,M.O. Fear of Missing Out, but if you do, I would strongly suggest you go Platinum with me.




LISTED BELOW ARE THE NATURE CALLS ADVENTURES YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN DURING 2015 – please advise with a response which ADVENTURE you are most interested in. If there are enough people wanting to participate in each experience they can become Dream Trips at greatly reduced prices.


Carnivore Week…Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Love the One You are With Whale Trail… De Hoop Nature Reserve, RSA

Tuningi Treasures… Madiwke, NW Province, RSA

Romantic Trails and Dolphins Tails… Italy

Wild Men, Wild Dogs & Wild Waters…Botswana & Zimbabwe

White Lion Wisdom & Timbivati Trails…Timbivati, RSA

Warriors & Wilderness…Tanzania & Kenya

Bush and Beach…RSA and Mozambique

Monkeying Around…Rwanda

The Big Seven…Port Elizabeth & Eastern Cape, RSA

Getting Pampered and Pumberized…Eastern Cape, RSA

White World…Iceland

Wild Women, Wild Men & Wild Dogs…Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

The Wisdom of Elephants, Tribes & Carnivores…Botswana & Zimbabwe

Executive Dolphin Retreat…Mozambique




As I spent time with Wild Animals, Tribal People and swimming with Dolphins it became apparent to me that as we have moved away from living as small clans and communities with a healthy attitude towards our interdependence with Nature we have become left brain dominant and created Lifestyles and Business Models that are stressful, competitive and alienating. So i began developing Nature Calls Adventures and Healing Power of Dolphin Experiences to help people remember how to regain a Healthy Lifestyle – these experiences and adventures are essentially Personal Development, African Bushstyle.

I was struggling to find the time however to do all the Admin and marketing for the Adventures I wanted others to join me on, when my prayers were answered: a Sponsor in World Ventures approached me and said they liked what I did and thought it should be a part of the World Ventures Itinerary. Well now Swimming with Dolphins is a Dream Trip and I am also earning an income through network marketing which I believe is like being a Wild Dog Pack



DOLPHIN DREAM-TIME – Pathway to Serenity


I have recently had the privilege of connecting with Horace Dobbs, a scientist, author and promoter of may documentaries and talks on Dolphins and Depression. The Products that are a result of his work can be found in the DOLPHIN SHOP
Of particular significance for me has been the Dolphin Dreamtime CD which is a meditation with Dolphin and Aborigine sounds. Horace himself, at the age of 83 years old, after an operation for cancer and some chemotherapy that he hated, opted out of this kind of cancer treatment and has completely cured himself of the remaining cancer in his body by listening to this CD. I played this CD to four cancer patients undergoing proton and neutron therapy, and this was their response:
I would recommend the purchase of this CD for yourself or anyone you love, who is suffering from cancer, depression, or if they are overworked and stressed etc. Even a virtual dolphin experience can be deeply healing and relaxing because of the unique energetic capabilities of dolphins even over time and distance.                
Swim with Dolphins
Nature Calls Adventures



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