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Dolphins & Divorce

hurt to hope logo200Mandy’s Masters thesis which she completed in 1989 was an Ecosystemic Assessment of the ‘Hurt to Hope’ Divorce Adjustment Program for Children.  This program had been constructed and well-evaluated in the USA and Mandy implemented it in South Africa from 1985 with positive results. The effects and impact of the Hurt to Hope Divorce Adjustment Program was evaluated from a comprehensive Per-Program, Post-Program and 15-Month Follow Up perspective by:

  • the children’s themselves who shared their perspectives:
    • about themselves,
    • their parents,
    • their families,
    • their friends and
    • their fellow group participants
  • the teachers of the children participating with regards to the children’s behavior and academic functioning in the classroom;
  • the parents’ who evaluated and shared:
    • how their children were adapting emotionally and behaviorally,
    • how the family was functioning,
    • their own parenting skills and
    • their own ongoing parental relationship with their ex-spouse
  • group facilitators – who assessed ongoing child-participants’ progress – their strengths, weaknesses and issues.

Dolphins are part of God’s creation that have an incredible influence towards healing, inspiration and transformation.

  • Much research has shown that the unconditional acceptance of dolphins, when they choose to swim with us, inspires self-worth and a sense of fun. In the midst of finding a new identity during the transitional challenges of divorce and a new understanding and perception of oneself, this kind of dolphin interaction support is motivating.
  • Dolphins are so well-adpated to their environment that when we interact, we connect with a sense of wholeness that motivates us towards our own healing.
  • Their sonor capacity enables them to scan our complete system – physically and emotionally; their echolocation enhances meditative Alpha states and a sense of wellbeing and euphoria, as well as the fine-tuning of our own immune systems so that we engage with personal inner resources to empower our own healing.
  • Dolphins are a fission / fusion society which is reflective of the changes in Human family systems as they transition  in a post-Divorce / Separation situation to Single Parent – Bi Nuclear Family Units or Reconstituted Family Systems with Step-Parents and Siblings. Spending time with Dolphins who adapt well to these changes enables family members to reflect on how best to adapt to their changing family circumstances too.


The Adventure

Most Healing Power of Dolphin Experience are 5 day / 4 night Events that takes place at Ponto Do Ouro in Mozambique.

The Investment to Participate is:

A 5 day / 4 night package at the Luxury Tented Camp which includes accommodation, 4 dolphin swims – weather permitting, 4 facilitated self-reflective group discussions & border transfers. The Investment for all of this is: ZAR8060 for 6 people participating.

pool at luxury tented camp

The Luxury Tented Camp is exclusively situated in a canopied forest alive with vervet monkeys, butterflies, birds and occasionally a visit from a troop of banded mongooses and bush babies. Each permanent tent with its own ablutions is tucked away for privacy at the end of a wooden walkway which also extends to the beach. Half way up the stairs from your Luxury tent is a pool, Jacuzzi and braai area, and all the way to the top of the stairs gives you a panoramic view over the tree tops to long stretches of pristine beach and occasionally dolphins frolicking in the waves and in the distance, during whale season, you will see leaping and sprouting whales. At the top of the stairs is a well equipped, expansive kitchen, dining room and lounge area where you can cook your own meals and relax.

down to the beach 200

The Investment in this experience does not include meals or transfers to the Cozi Bay Border. if you are coming from a distance the best route is to travel via air to the Shaka Zulu International airport at Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal and from there to hire a car in which you can transfer to the Cozi Bay Border. You will leave your car there in a safe, reasonably priced parking lot and be transferred by your Hosts to your Accommodation venue.

South Africans do not need visas but those with British and Overseas passports can purchase a visa at the Cozi Bay Border at a cost of ZAR750.

To date there is no malaria in the area but there are mosquitoes, so for your comfort bring Tabbard or I use an aqueous cream with a sprinkling of the following aromatherapy oils: citronella, tea tree, lavender, cedarwood and lemongrass.

I am very much looking forward to sharing this Healing Power of Dolphins Experience with you!

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