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Mandy Young – Psychotherapist

In her comprehensive Professional expertise as a Psychotherapist in Private Practise in Cape Town since 1979, Mandy has worked with children, adults, teenagers and students who have been dealing with:

  • depression,
  • drug addiction,
  • sexual abuse,
  • parenting issues,
  • academic underachievement,
  • relationship difficulties,
  • post-divorce/separation adjustment,
  • eating disorders and
  • loss due to death or trauma.

Mandy has also spent many years working with children in residential care, and is well-known for her group work in the following areas:

  • The Hurt to Hope Children’s Adjustment Workshop enabling children to adjust to their parents’ Separation / Divorce,
  • Adults wanting to improve their own Parenting Skills, and
  • Teenagers engaged in Ecotherapy Experiences as they try to replace drugs, drinking and sexual experimentation in their lives with more life-giving activities.

Mandy has also worked with two Medical Teams:

The Cape Amputee Clinic Team where Mandy worked with a Orthopedic Surgeon, two Prosthetists, an Occupational Therapist and a Physiotherapist. Her specific role was to help those who had experienced an Amputation – Traumatic or Planned – rehabilitate back into a meaningful lifestyle with hopeful expectations.

The Ithemba Labs Cancer Care Team. Mandy still plays a role here with a team of Oncologists, Radiographers and Nursing Staff to counsel those dealing with the very challenging, potentially life-threatening disease of cancer.

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Mandy Young – Ecopsychologist & The Healing Power of Dolphins Facilitator

Over the last two decades Mandy has embarked on a fascinating journey of Self Discovery  – African Bush Style with wild animals and tribal people, and swimming with wild, free-swimming dolphins.

Mandy believes that she has been drawn to engage with specific species who have not lost their wildness, their intuition and their intelligent adaptation to the world around them, because they had something to show her, something that needed to be healed or to grow in her into better maturity or Emotional Intelligence.

Thus Mandy encourages others to do the same, to journey with her and experience their own Personal Transformation in these wild, uncompromised spaces.

The journey has taken place:

  • with African Wild Dogs at many wildlife reserves in South Africa and Zimbabwe who taught Mandy the importance of nurturing kinship bonds in a world that is orientated away from clan living as we attempt to gain self-sufficiency;
  • with wise Elephants – Mandy looked at the mothering behaviour of African Elephants fortunate enough to grow up within a normal family structure compared to those experiencing aspects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder because of culling and poaching;
  • with wild Meerkats – from who she learnt not only about team work, but the truth that in order to take care of others you need to know how to be the meerkat up on guard who has just eaten a big juicy scorpion, i.e. the Meerkat who knows how to take care of him/herself;
  • with White Lions – who herald the coming of an ice age and hold the secrets of spiritual transformation;
  • with Mountain Gorillas in a post-genocide Rwanda, where Silverback Gorillas are great Protectors of their Troop, and where local Tribes now co-operate as communities with re-found mutual respect for each other and the land that sustains them;
  • with Tribal People – the Naro Bushmen of Botswana, who embrace how we used to live with a healthy interdependence with each other and the world around us. The Bushmen still know how to laugh, love, hunt and deal with conflict without damaging each other or their own integrity;

And now Mandy would like you to journey with her to swim with wild, Bottlenosed Dolphins who have so many Creator-designed  healing powers that enhance:

  • An experience of Acceptance and Joie de Vivre because they chose to frolic with us and we enjoy  fun-filled encounters with them which brings an end and depression and sadness.
  • Immune systems – because we feel loved and accepted for who we are, we believe in ourselves again and want to engage in our own journey to health – physically and emotionally.
  • Experiences of realigned body functions because they scan us with their sonor capabilities, knowing us better than we know ourselves and sometimes even breaking up complicated cancerous tumors

In nature we experience the therapeutic environment of unconditional acceptance, the stability, continuity and containment of natural processes and the cycles of life and death that are reflective of most long-term human relationships. In Wild Places animals are present in the moment, unconcerned about past events or future possibilities: thus their attitude help us to be present, authentic and honest with ourselves.

Mandy’s experience has resulted in the understanding that Good Mental Health and Environmental Sustainability go hand in hand and that when we spend time with untainted Species who know how to live according to their Creator-Designed Species Specific Ways we learnt to do the same and reconnect with the Unconditional Love and Absolute Potential God intended for us from the Beginning.

The culmination of Mandy’s work has been the subject of several magazine articles and newspaper editorials, as well as local and national conference presentations. Mandy’s journalistic expression has been included in a baby book called Ecotherapy, the Wisdom of Elephants and Continuum Concepts. Her Ecotherapy Experiences and Hurt to Hope program helping children adjust to their Parents Separation / Divorce has also been featured in several documentary series on animals and healing.

In the last 20 years  Mandy has found her wilderness experiences and research to have provided important understandings for her work with the people whose lives she has been privileged to influence as they have courageously tried to overcome personal difficulties and challenges.

Mandy’s heart is for you to be transformed by engaging in these wonderful wildlife encounters.